Fake Campfires

Artificial fires, silk flame, electric campfire, indoor campfire

Anyone who has ever sat around a campfire knows just how magical those moments can be. In scouting and other youth organizations, campfires are an ideal occasion for presenting special awards and conducting other ceremonies. Often ceremonies must be done indoors, where real fires are not permitted.  Many people simply believe that a red bulb, some cellophane and a few logs are adequate for an indoor campfire.  However, this does not look real and will not engage the audience by staring into the fire like they do with a real campfire. 

I have spent considerable time researching and experimenting with how to build the most realistic indoor campfire possible in order to create the desired mood when performing my ceremonies.  The effect is so real, that the fire department has actually been called. As a result, unit leaders often examine how I have built my campfire, so they can construct one of their own.  The idea is to engage as many senses as possible to produce the desired effect. To assist this effort, I have compiled all the components into a single place, so anyone can assemble their own indoor campfire.

Assembly instructions can be found HERE.

This is an actual video of an assembled indoor campfire.

To purchase the individual parts of this fake indoor campfire, click HERE.